Android demo mode over ADB

When taking screenshots of Android apps, it is very useful to use demo mode, which removes icons from the status bar, and sets the clock to a set time such as 09:00. This can be enabled from the Developer Options menu. But, it can also be enabled via ADB, which offers the ability to customise the look of the status bar extensively.

Entering and exit demo mode via ADB

First, to allow demo mode to be used, run:

adb shell settings put global sysui_demo_allowed 1

Next, to actually enable demo mode, run:

adb shell am broadcast -a -e command enter

To exit demo mode, run:

adb shell am broadcast -a -e command exit

Customising the status bar

Setting the time

Some apps, such as my own Christmas Countdown have screenshots whose content is dependent on the device’s time. So it looks a bit strange when the clock in the status bar doesn’t match what is shown in app. This can be customised via ADB. For example, run this command to set the time to 11:23.

adb shell am broadcast -a -e command clock -e hhmm 1123

Change connection icons

To show the wifi strength at max, run the command below. The level can be any value from 0 to 4.

adb shell am broadcast -a -e command network -e wifi show -e level 4

This also works for setting the mobile network strength:

adb shell am broadcast -a -e command network -e mobile show -e level 4

Other customisations

There are many more customisations possible, such as setting the icons for battery, bluetooth and location. For a full list, take a look at the official docs for Android Demo Mode.